Client FAQs

1.  Why hire a Custom Portrait Photographer?  Is it worth the cost?

I get this question A LOT!  First, today's portrait photography has changed.  My sessions are not the stiff posed fake studio portraits of the 1990s.  Modern portrait photography has moved into the realm of artistic expression.  Portrait photography is now about documenting your family in an artistic way.  I use the stunning and severely under-rated beauty of the Antelope Valley to bring my portraits to another level of beauty and storytelling.  You are hiring me to use my 17 years of experience and training behind the camera to capture your family and make them the subject of art you would be proud to hang in your home for generations. 

Is it worth the cost?  Absolutely!  Think of this.  Lets say, you want to get pictures taken with your newborn and her siblings, but my Newborn Package, at $350 seems too much for your family to afford.  Well that all depends on what you value.  If you saved $30 a month you would have $360 after 12 months.  That's just $1.00 a day.  Many people spend more than $1 a day on their morning cup of coffee.  For 1/4 the price of a daily latte you will have beautiful photographs of you family to be treasured for generations.

2.  What should we wear?

The general rule for photo sessions is to stick to natural colors and fabrics.  

  • Earthy browns and greens, natural lake or sky blues, light grey and charcoal, white and ivory, brick reds, mustard yellow, pumpkin orange.  Really any color from nature will work.  
  • Pick 2 or 3 coordinating colors and pair with a neutral color.  Green, blue, brown and ivory for example. 
  • Pick fabrics with texture.  Knits, lace, denim, ruffles, fringe, and plaid all look wonderful in pictures. 
  • Avoid wearing any clothes with logos, screenprint, graphics, or licenced characters (like Dora, Frozen or Spiderman).
  • Most importantly wear clothes that make you feel great!  If you feel great it will definitely show in the pictures.  
  • I made a Pinterest page to help you get ideas on what to wear!  

3.  Should we get hair and makeup done?  

Well, yes and no.  I would love it if you got hair and make up done for your session, but it is not necessary.  You should definitely strive to look your best.  Keep your hair and make up natural and aim for feeling great in your own skin.

4.  What happens at a family session?

I start my sessions off just getting to know you guys a bit.  I get the kids warmed up to the camera and we spend the first 10-20 minutes loosening up and getting to know each other.  I will take some of the more posey pictures at this time.  After this we will play for a bit.  I might have the kids twirl around, give each other bear hugs, tell secrets, or go fairy hunting.  We can play with imaginary unicorns, hunt for buried treasure or pretend to be a princess.  I will be loosely posing you.  This pretty much means I will place you in the location I want, tell you to interact and I will capture what happens from there.  Don't worry about giving me perfect smiles, don't worry about kids misbehaving, don't worry about tears or pouts.  Just have fun with your kids and your family's natural beauty will shine through!


5.  What happens at a newborn session?

Newborn sessions are my favorite types of sessions!  All my newborn sessions are lifestyle sessions.  This is very different from posed sessions.  Please make sure you look through my portfolio to see what type of images to expect.  My goal in a newborn session is to capture the new family.  So all my newborn sessions will have the parents included.  Siblings are also welcome to join in.  Even your family pets are invited!  Almost all my newborn sessions take place in the family home, with the exception of In Hospital sessions.  The light in your home is the most important factor and I will usually choose the room with the best light to start my session.  I also like to photograph the new baby in the nursery and parents bedroom.  These sessions take about an hour and are very relaxed.  I highly encourage parents to treat this as a special hour of connecting with the new little soul that has entered their life.  Allow me to document you, your home and your connections with each other.



6.  How long does it take to get my pictures?

It takes 2-3 weeks for me to edit an entire gallery.  Longer during the holiday rush.  Once your images have been edited I will upload them to a private gallery on my website.  I will send you an invite with your password to view your gallery.  From here you can download your images, order prints, canvases, albums or gifts from my professional archival printer.  Or share your favorite pictures with friends and family through social media. 


7.  How many pictures will I recieve?

That varies, but usually anywhere from 20-40 depending on the session.  


8.  How long will the gallery be available?

Your gallery will be available as long as you are an active client.  An active client has at least one session a year.  Each subsequent session will be added to your gallery.


9.  Can you help me order?

Definitely!  I would love to.  We can meet up for coffee and I will walk you through the entire thing!


10.  How long does it take to get my pictures back?

Digital downloads are ready immediately.  Prints are back from the printer in 7-10 days.  Canvases and albums can take up to 2 weeks.


11.  Where should I print my pictures?

I highly recommend printing your images through my printers.  My printers use high quality archival papers and inks to give you prints that will last a century or more.  Another advantage of ordering through me is that all the work can be done for you.  I can meet with you and walk you through the entire process and the prints come straight to your door.  They can even be framed and ready to hang!

If you still want to print them on your own I would stick to high quality printers.  Stay away from one hour photo labs and go with online printers that cater to hobbiests and semi pro photographers.  A couple good ones are